Brand is best in the washing machine 2020?

Best Semi-automatic Top Load Washing Machines

1. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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This machine by Samsung is easy to use and handles heavy loads well, being a 7.2 kg capacity machine. The machine is equipped with various features which makes it one of the bestselling models.

You can easily wash the clothes of a 4 member family and get clean output. Being a semi-automatic machine, it comes with a separate dryer and washer, which saves a lot of water as compared to fully automatic machines.

This machine has a special turbo system for speed dry, scrub board to scrub clothes and lint filter to collect lint.

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2. LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This machine consumes less electricity and produces low noise , while the motor is quite powerful. So if your looking for something like this the go for it.

Also the machine acquires less space but can easily wash clothes of a family of 3 to 4 people. The machine has 1300 RPM which is quite great , as more the rpm the better drying and wash.

A brand like LG is quite experienced in home appliance market and deliver robust products. This machine is also equipped with a 3MM plastic cover with rat repellent chemical. The machine has inbuilt lint collector , collar scrubber and spin shower to wash residual soap.

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3. Intex 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Ideal for bachelors and a family of 3 to 4. The machine is quite light weight , which make it easier to move around.

Being an intex product , it might be new for you. So you should know that it comes with a 2 years warranty. Double bed blankets are easily washable in this washing machine and it comes with 2 wash modes gentle/normal.

This is also one of the cheapest option out there and is quite easy to use.

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Benefits of Front Loading Washing Machines:

a. They provide excellent wash quality. Because of their advanced features, they offer superior front-load washer-dryer.

b. They are water-efficient. They do not require large volumes of water to soak or wash clothes.

c. They have more wash programs than top-loading machines.

d. They handle delicate clothes and fibers better.

Front Loading Washing Machines Option

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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This machine is our best pick for the front-loading option as it has a capacity of 7kg , the brand value of Bosch and comes under decent prize.

Clothes come out fresh and well cleaned. All in all, it is a sturdy and economical washing machine which offers lots of latest features like Variodrum, Active Water, Speedperfect, low noise & low volt function and reload also.

After the clothes come out of the washing machine, just put them on the stand for 1-2 hours and your clothes are completely dry. It offers a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

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2. IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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If you can work with a lower capacity of 6kg , which is enough for 4 people family. Then this is the best option for you, it is priced very budget-friendly and offers so many amazing features.

One more great thing is that IFB offers a warranty of 4 years on product, 4 years on motor. While Bosch offered 2 years on product and 10 years on motor. 4 years is quite a long time, so if your product is covered for 4 years under warranty then that is quite good.

The machine has 800 rpm which neither high or low, although the Bosch option above delivers an outstanding RPM of 1200. But this machine costs quite less than the Bosch option above, so there will some differences.

This machine comes with a crescent moon drum, 2D wash system, Reload and Auto balance.

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Washing Machine Cleaner Decal Powder

After using the washing machine for long, it is definite to develop some lime scales, corrosive deposits, and bad odor. If the place where you live, the water has a high amount of salt (hard water) then you might need to use it more frequently.

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Put this descaler/cleaning powder in the washing machine and run full tub clean program or a normal wash cycle without clothes. It is recommended to do this every 3 months to maintain your appliance life and keep it clean. Using the descaler with warmer water will be more beneficial. If you have a old washing machine and have never done this, then get ready to see some huge salt lumps getting cleaned.

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If you want to avoid this scaling and residue problem, then you might also consider using a liquid detergent instead of a washing powder.

Although there are many descalers/cleaning powders available in the market, I would recommend using the official ones from IFB and Bosch above for particular brands as they are tested and approved for them.

Best Laundry Mesh Bag for Washing Machine

If you want you clothes to not tangle during the wash or to protect the delicate fabric of some clothes then you must use a laundry mesh bag.

It will keep your sorted withing different bag so they don’t mix up while washing. They work well with both top loading and front loading washing machines.

The whole point is to wash your delicate clothes with care.

Which washing machine stand should you buy?

I bought IFB Senator Aqua SX 8kg front loading washing machine around 3 years back for my mother and like everyone else I was thinking to buy the stand separately online. As the stand offered online was cheaper then the official stand offered by the IFB personnel.

So I ordered online and it came, but it was a tough task to assemble the wobbly stand and neither we were able to put it under washing machine correctly. So at last we had to call the IFB person, buy the official stand and he helped us in setting the machine over the stand. It was a perfect fit.

Usually they won’t help you in setting the washing machine on stand unless you buy the official stand. And you don’t want to risk damaging the machine by trying yourself. As the washing machine is pretty heavy.

So my recommendation is to buy the official stand.

Laundry Basket/Bag/Hamper for Clothes 

You don’t want to through your dirty clothes inside cupboard , imagine putting your smelly socks anywhere in the room. To avoid this you want a separate laundry bag or basket. You can use it to organize your dirty laundry and all family members can automatically put their dirty clothes in the laundry bag/basket.

Most people keep this laundry bag/basket in an open-air balcony or near washing machines.

Cloth stand for drying clothes

Next after the clothes are washed , you still need to dry them. Gone are the days where we used to put ropes on terrace to dry clothes. Nowadays we need something compact that we can put in the room or balcony. Even in the garden we want to use as little space as possible.

So it’s better to buy a foldable compact cloth stand.

Check Stand Designs

These are a few good options for cloth stands that you can check out. There are various types of stand available in market depending on the space and clothes you want to hang.

What are some good trustable washing machine brands in India?

  1. LG
  2. Samsung
  3. Bosch
  4. Whirlpool
  5. IFB

These 5 brands are the best choices one can go for, considering the built quality and after-sales support.

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